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Every Organization whatever be its nature is trying to reach new heights. Well it can happen only with empowered employees and stakeholders. Branding is the major focus of most of the institutions and very wisely so. However good a product or service might be without an efficient and effective IMAGE it gets lost in time due to lack of retention in our thoughts.


The IMAGE needs of different organizations vary depending on their products and services. I have structured a few workshops and training programs for a variety of organizations and professionals with a focus on their industry specific needs. Further we can mutually decide and hand pick topics to conduct training and workshops as may be required by any organization.



of the sessions could vary starting from 2 hrs depending on the organization’s need.

Participation fees would be decided mutually depending on the duration, number of participants and nature of the organisation.
Each of these sessions can be done in training or workshop format depending on the duration and no. of participants.
Generic across all Industries and Professions
Creating an Everlasting Impression

(Introduction to image elements, guidelines for effective communication and efficient presentation skills)
Everlasting Impression is an overstatement… unless the onlooker has an excellent memory its hard to be remembered for ever. So the trick is to enable maximum retention in the person or group of people we interact with. Sometimes we get only a single rendezvous to make our mark. People remember an experience, thus the malls are a hit. So we need to enthrall the audience, be it a board room, a class room or one to one client meeting with our overall IMAGE.
Educational Institutes – Professional Studies / Colleges / Schools
for their Students
Soft Cracking an Interview
(Introduction to image elements, creating a positive body language, understanding cues and managing stress)
An interview is the gateway to the desired career. All educational institutes prepare their students with the required hard skills that is the subject knowledge. Today there are numerous bright candidates to choose from and the one with the perfect body language and relaxed mind set gets the job. So we can crack an interview only if we carry both our hard and soft skills along.
for their Teachers

DRONE for the Dronas
(Introduction to image elements, behaviour management, Negotiation skills and EQ)
A teacher needs to understand the students and guide them accordingly. Thus they have to managing their behaviour so as to develop and nurture a relationship that offers empathy as and when required. Negotiation is a art of creating a win win situation that relieves the young minds from stress.
DRONE (Developing Relationships Offering Negotiations Empathetically) equips the “dronacharyas” (teachers / coaches) with such fine capabilities.
 Corporates – Service / Product / Manufacturing Companies
for Client Facing Employees

Anchoring the Relation-Ship
(Introduction to image elements, managing a conflict, bonding with behaviour management)
The Employees who meet the clients represent the company and need to build the trust leading to a relationship. Behaviour management is the key to open locked doors which an employee must have, along with the art of managing conflict, which is an inevitable part of any dealing.
This training / workshop shows many interesting facets of behaviour and their impact. The formulae to resolve conflict and build relationships.
for Back Office Employees

TAIM for Team Leaders
(Introduction to image elements, goal setting, motivation, identifying leadership styles, building and working in a team)
Back office employees also need to work in teams and lead them to fulfill challenging tasks. The sales / marketing team is given loads of training on team management, goal setting etc but more often than not the back office team who are as essential to the success of the company as the front runners are not trained on these aspects and thus a gap is created in the working style and pace of the two. TAIM (Target Acquiring and Inspiring Mechanism) aims to bridge this gap. The desk employees also need to be on the edge.
 Government Organisations

AEIDE for the Officials
(Introduction to image elements, enhancing EQ, general etiquette)
The people who hold positions in government offices have powers of varying degree which impact civilian lives. All officials thus have the responsibility to execute these powers with utmost compassion. Hence a high Emotional Quotient along with graceful etiquette becomes essential.
AEIDE (Acquiring Emotional Intelligence and Developing Etiquette) aims to nurture a humane instinct in the powerful officials.
Non Profit Organisations

NBBE for the Social Angels

(Introduction to image elements, business etiquette and negotiation skills)
A social reformer works for the ones who have little or no hope. They keep the good work going even at the cost of their own necessities. The hapless souls, they work for, demand or expect very little but when these angels have to meet the more fortunate ones who would provide for the aids in financial or any other form, they need to show certain finer elements to impress.
NBBE (Negotiate Better with Business Etiquette) will definitely make a difference in the demeanour.
Hospitality / Entertainment / Speciality Sectors

The Distinguished Me
(Introduction to image elements, types of figure and face, and appropriate clothing recommendations)
Some professionals are always being watched. People love to look at them, get inspired by them and often criticize them if they do not meet the expected standards. These professions demand a distinguished look. The perfect clothing to accentuate the figure, the perfect makeup and jewellery to enhance the facial beauty are a must, to stand apart and look the part.

Colour Me
(Introduction to image elements, identifying personal colour, and appropriate clothing recommendations)
This is a very simple yet efficient tool to look gorgeous every single day every single moment. Colour can make a huge difference to our look and mood. Every occasion, every season and every custom has a colour attached to it though they vary from province to province, country to country. We have a colour of our own. Once we can recognize it and select our clothing and accessories in harmony with the environmental and cultural colours, it’ll be a whole new colourful “ME”.
A group discount can be availed.

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