What do I do

“ME a name I call myself…” The famous song from the famous movie Sound of Music. This name is always music to our ears. We say “I” innumerable times in a day. We love “ME” so much that sometimes its hard to listen to anything else beyond that name. A child once told me, “When they called my name in the assembly I could not here anything after that in excitement…”

Yet do we give that due care to our much beloved “ME”? We just live with ourselves without being aware of our strengths or weakness.

Me and My Image does the quintessential job of enhancing self awareness and a need to know more about why we do what we do and how we can change for a happier life.

The focus is on modifying the thought process and not the end result. I want that “thank you” or “please” to be sincere and honest. I seek to change the way people look at a conflict situation such that nobody carries a bitter taste at the end of the day.

I specialize in training sessions and workshops on the complete communication gamut and personality development.

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